International Men's Day AwardsROB KOCH

Founding Director of
Better Men Australia 
ROB KOCH honoured 
with an IMD award at 
Parliament House. 

National Men's Health Conference

Record breaking 
numbers of professionals
gathered at Newcastle to 
skill up on the emerging 
field of men's work as the 
paradigm shift among 
Aussie men gathers

Welcome to BETTER MEN Australia

The Shift Workers!

We’re working on the shift that’s sweeping the nation: average blokes are striving to be better men, better husbands, and better fathers. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to be more committed, more capable and more confident. Sociologists are calling it a social revolution - a paradigm shift in the heads, hearts and hands of a new breed of men who want to make a lasting impact on this world for the sake of their families. 

We support men of all ages and cultures (and their families) to make this shift possible through life-changing:

    • mentouring adventures
    • on-line and face-to-face coaching
    • entertaining events and practical seminars
    • consultancy to councils, agencies, businesses, churches and clubs.

TOGETHER we will build a nation of better men, AND happier women and stronger families. 


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