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BETTER MEN Australia
specializes in teaching, training and motivating men and women in a huge variety of practical aspects of living. 

If principal consultant Rob Koch is unavailable or not the best person for the job, we have a range of top rate speakers and facilitators to select from. 

We will speak to the heart, the head and the hands. Feeling, thinking doing - all gets affected whether its an all day seminar or a half hour speech.  We can adapt to most settings, audiences and budgets. 

One thing we won't compromise on is relevance. We get to the heart of the matter and call it as we see it. No one leaves without having their everyday life impacted. 

Current topics include:


1. Real Men Can Do Anything... Can't They?
What is 'a real man' anyway? What have I got to lose by asking for directions or support? We explode some man-myths and stereo-types. This mould-breaker message will have you breathing a sigh of relief.    

2. The Atlas Syndrome
Struggling under the weight of unrealistic demands? We take a long hard look at where the pendulum has swung to, and why. How do you lighten the load without neglecting your responsibilities?

3. Living With Regret
Every man carries a swag of 'things that cannot be mentioned'... past failures, missed opportunities or a silent disappointment with the way things have turned out. How can we really ever move on? 

4. Healthy Masculinity
What do women really want? What do children really need? With all the varieties of men and out there an the optional characteristics that make up this diverse planet, are there some essential characteristics that no man can be without? 


5. Beating the Blues
Is depression a weakness or an illness? Besides popping a pill, what else can I do to manage or prevent the mood swings and find better mental health? 

6. Stress and the City
Ever been tempted to resign from the rat race? Good news is you don't need a sea change to see change. We offer a way forward that makes the stress of success less costly for you and the ones you love.

7. The Simple Seven
What's it going to take to finish on top? We offer seven simple keys to help you live long and live well. A no-nonsense approach to developing a healthy lifestyle without becomming a fanatic.


8. Why Dads Matter to Kids
Is dad just a sperm donor, bread winner, or baby sitter? Many men feel like an optional extra... expendable. But the growing body of research shows how children can thrive with a switched-on, tuned-in, hands-on Dad.

9. Predicting Your Kids Future
The most influential factor in how a child develops into an adult is the parenting style of mum and dad. We examine 10 different styles, their causes and consequences. How will your kids turn out if you don't change?  

10. Parenting Like You Mean It

You could go on faking it, or surviving it. But they WILL be gone before you know it. The time to act is now. But what is your job description? Getting a grip on what's important and finding the energy to do it! 

11. What Dads Can Do That Mums Cannot
There are very few things either parent cannot learn to do. Sure a mother can compensate for an absent or passive father in most things but a child still needs the validation only a father or father-figure can bring.  


12. Relating in the Cyberspace Age
The rise of the machines that were designed to entertain and assist us are enslaving us and destroying the quality of our relationships. How do we develop intimacy and community without going back to the stone age?

13. Going the Distance

We are bombarded with ads about men performing in the bedroom. Far more productive is to discover how to go the distance in the living room... get intentional about developing a love life and watch what happens!

14. Desperate Housewives
Single women keep saying, 'All the good men are already taken'. If my man is so good how come I feel so bad? What's it going to take for me to really feel taken, rather than taken for granted?


15. What Turns 'Mere Males' into 'Doting Dads'?
We examine the forces at work in preparing men to be fathers. At least fourteen 'drivers' - some constant, some variable and some recent - can produce a profound paradigm shift in a man. See what is behind what sociologists are calling 'a social revolution.' 

16. How To Engage Men Rather Than Marry One
Professionals can be unconsciously influenced by the men, past and present, in their personal lives. We take a humurous look at some common triggers and assumptions that can either attract men or repel them to your service or program.

17. Why Become a Father-Inclusive Practice?
Most agencies and organisations require a good deal of institutional change to become really relevant and effective in working with men. We systematically explore what works, why it works, and why we should bother.    





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